Friday, November 1, 2013

Blank paper.

Blank paper.

Hello everyone, it's been awhile.
There are many reasons and excuses for the lack
of paintings and posts.  Many changes in family health over
the last two years plus difficult events that mess with the mind.
At least my mind.  Of course I have at least a 100 meaningless
excuses for not painting.

It was a huge mistake to stay away from painting and drawing
for such a long period of time.  It all feels empty now.  I ask
myself questions like, didn't creativity and passion come naturally
before?  Why does color seem to be a mystery now, why do I
doubt my ability now, what happened to confidence?
Hopefully I'll be able to find them again and get back to it.

During the last couple of weeks I've been studying other painters,
watching on line demo's, looking at my books and searching for
ideas.  While doing this I realized something.  Many of my paintings
tell no story and seem to be just pretty pictures that would make
nice wall paper or place matts.  Yeah, yeah, I know, stop with
the pity party.  Pity or not, it's real and factual.  Lorianne will love
this but part of my problem are reference photo's which I take by
the hundreds.  I've been spending a lot of time looking through them
recently hoping for some creative spark.  It would appear that my
tendencies are drive by reference shots with no thought process
just images.  They all seem to be taken on gray overcast days
that are flat as a pancake or sunny days all shot during mid day.
Now that's smart, no shadows, no contrast no common sense.
Plein air, now there's a subject.  I've purchased five easels to use
during painting adventures.  How many have seen the light of
day ... 2.  How many have seen the light in the past 3 years ... 0.

Are you loving this Lorianne?  I'm sure you are.

Well, I've gotten this far and now I can't remember what my original
intent was but at least you all know where I've been and where I
am.  Down the road there may be a post that involves a brush and paint
or pen and ink or finger paints and feet.  Maybe I can get my grandkids to
paint something for me.

Until we meet again and thanks for listening to me drone on!