Friday, July 31, 2009

The Cathedral

(from the flat files)

This scene is a contrast in values, textures and colors.
The contrast between the Cottonwoods on the left and the
pines on the right. The dry creek and it's sun baked surface
leads the eye in and Cathedral Rock in the background hovers
over the entire scene.

15" x 20" on Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper.

From the Flat Files

As you will see, I tend to procrastinate.
I few days ago I was looking through my flat files
and discovered a stack of paintings with no matte
and left to linger in the drawer. You ask, how can an
artist do that? Easy, really easy! Sometimes I just feel
like painting and just don't take the time to mount, matte
and frame finished pieces. Part of the problem is being
retired with no real sense of urgency on most days. Years
of stress and deadlines are the main culprit. When painting
begins to feel like a job, I tend to back off completely
for long periods of time. Heck, I like the outdoors, I like yard
work. I have a list of projects that will take me through the
rest of my life I'm sure. We travel a fair amount, we have
8 grandkids, we have a pool with 8 grandkids in it.
Last but not least, I like to relax.
So, to ease the pressure of blogging, (pressure?) I present
the flat file lost art discovery. Let me know what you
think. I'll let you know if I slip in a new painting.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Light Up Ahead

The Big Sable Light.
Sits quietly at the end of a 2 mile service road perched
on a rise over looking Lake Michigan.
Very late in the fall of the year, I stopped for a look. The
wind was howling and it was cold. Sun hanging low in the
sky with about 2 hours till sunset. Wasn't sure I could make
it there and back before dark. Not really fond of wandering
around in the dark in a deserted state park in early November.
I hustled up the road, (well lets say I walked at a quick pace)
and hoped the light would hold until I got there. About a mile
out I could begin to see the top of the light. As I trudged along
it grew in size and shape. It's an unusual black and white
color style, at least unusual for Michigan.
I kept thinking I could hear things rustling along the trail but
nothing was ever there. Just the wind. As I rounded the last
hill the sound was deafening from the huge waves as they roared
ashore. It was a strange feeling standing there on a deserted
stretch of beach looking at a lighthouse that was empty.
I did a few quick sketches and took a few photo's and got
the hell out of there. It was dark by the time I got back to
my car. Ironic I guess, standing there in the dark with
no light up ahead.