Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain over Kauai

This was done in the studio after our trip to Hawaii in
February. I'm quite happy with the clouds over the
land mass. I'm not thrilled with the overall value in this
piece. To many mid tones, no darks and no serious lights.
Rather bland overall. The size is about 12" by 18" done
on Arches cold press 140#. Another example of not painting
enough. What do you think. Get real now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the Distance

More from the flat files

A quick study of Mt Rainier from 2 years ago. I found that
this perspective is actually to close to the mountain. It's distorted
because of the immense size of Rainier. It just doesn't seem
to fit in a low angle like this with a middle ground in front of it.
I'll tackle this one again in the future. Maybe someone has
some suggestions to this situation. In the mean time, enjoy.

A note to any viewers of this blog. I'll be gone on vacation
for the next couple of weeks so no new posts and no visits
to others. I'll miss you all, but I'll do it with a smile on my face.
All the best, Doug

Monday, August 10, 2009

5 New Pieces

At last, something brand new. I just completed these pieces
for a commission I've been putting off. The top piece is done
on hot press Arches 140# paper. The colors tend to be more
brilliant on hot press. Certainly not good for floating colors
together but has other benefits. The rest of the pieces are
all done on cold press paper. I feel good that they're done and
the person can buy them all or only what she wants. I'm such
an agreeable person. HA.

Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Verde Valley Railroad

More from the flat-files.

The colors in the canyon walls were constantly changing with the light.
Amazing contrast around every bend in the road. One of my favorite times
in the Sedona Area. Hope to do it again soon.

Let me know what you think and thank you for visiting.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Walk

More from the flat-files.

In the distance a man and dog walk the beach in and
out of the fresh water waves.

This painting is @ 10" x 18" done on 140# Arches
cold press watercolor paper. This was done during a
gallery walk and several artists demonstrating. It was
interesting but tedious. People being people, want to talk
and ask questions. Difficult to concentrate on a moving wash,
wrong brush, wrong color, wrong time, and so on. Well that's
part of the game isn't it.

Maybe I'll try it again in the peace of the studio, course then there
is the risk of lost intensity, urgency and spending too much time
messing around for no reason. We'll see what happens.
Hope you enjoy this one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traverse in the mist.

From the flat files.

This little 7" x 10" plein air piece was done during a weekend
paint out in the Traverse City area. Unfortunately the first day
was wind and rain and impossible to paint outside with watercolor.
I was determined to paint something. The front seat of the car
seemed to be the only choice. I really dislike painting in the car
but had no choice on this day.

This is a view from the middle of Mission Point Peninsula over
looking one of the vineyards and Traverse Bay. Colors were muted
from the wind and the rain. The car was rolling back and forth from
the force of the gusts coming with the rolling clouds. In the end I was
pleased with the results. Let me know what those of you that view it

House in Muir

From the flat files.

This is from a small dwindling little town where
my dad lived as a teenager. (long ago that is)

I spotted this old house on the corner of a very quiet
street, it was bathed in sunlight. Lots of bright whites
and very deep shadows. I decided to try it on hot press
paper and throw in some black india ink as an accent and
help create some contrast. Lets just say I'm putting this out
there because I feel I didn't accomplish what I was looking for.
I want you to see that everything doesn't turn out the way it was
intended, it's also a reminder to me to think more before I try this
again. I'm an impatient type looking for immediate gratification.
Sometimes, gratification takes a lot longer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Up-bound Ogle Bay

More from the Flatfiles

Another ship passes through the locks at Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.
Every time I'm there I love to stand on the viewing stand as ships
pass through from all over the world. They all have there own
individual character, some well kept, some not so good.
The inspiration comes from all the ships that have passed through
before, such as the Edmund Fitzgerald and the crew that went missing
off White Fish Point many years ago on Lake Superior. It's sort
of a chilling thought to wonder if this ship passes without incident
or finds itself in a terrible storm or worse, never makes it's
destination. Think positive Doug, with todays technology
and modern ship design, 99.9% make there journey's without
a problem.