Saturday, May 24, 2008

Brick Farmhouse

The November wind blew through the field
and trees.  It made a cold and mournful sound as
it awakened winter from it's sleep.  Is there anybody
home?  I don't think so.

After the Rain

The rain had passed but still visible on the horizon.
Along came a puff of wind and out came these two
sailboats.  I painted it without a lot of color and more
like it appeared in a mist.  It was a quick paint, and I 
think turned out OK.

October Illusion

This is a view of many scenes and memories as seen by
my eyes.  They exist but not exactly for this is only
a memory that may or may not be accurate.
Good enough for my eyes.

Apple Study #2

A quick brush of watercolor and black ink
for accent.  Done on Charcoal paper.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Island in the River

After painting the little broken dam, I merely turned
my easel and chair and this scene appeared.  Light was still
good and I was loosened up from the first painting so
away I went.  As I was painting I heard some shouting
in the direction of the old dam.  I took a quick look and
two folks in a canoe were attempting to go over the dam
while it was flooded and moving fast.  Needless to say
the paddles went one way, the canoe went the other and
they ended up going over the dam without the aid of
there canoe.  Fortunately they were wearing life jackets.
This  plein air painting took about 45 minutes and was done on 
Arches #140 Cold Press watercolor paper.  Size is about 10" x 15".

Spilling over.

This little rock dam was part of a larger dam.  Neither
are in use anymore.  I liked the way the light played with
the water as in spilled over this little ledge.  Nice spring
day, perfect for a plein air painting.  This one took
about an hour and was done on Arches #140 Hot Press
watercolor paper.  It's about 10" x 12 ".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Geraniums in the Sun!

This is a plein air subject I spotted one sunny
afternoon near an old barn.  Large and small pots
of Geraniums sitting on stone ledges.  The light was 
about to dissappear so I had to paint quickly with a large
brush.  It was painted on Cold Press 140# Arches.

Sunny Backdoor

This is the view that greets us each August.
The backdoor of the cottage we rent, bathed in afternoon
sunlight.  I tried to capture that feel in this painting to keep
us warm in the winter time.  I love cottages, water and
vacations.  I could spend my entire vacation sitting by the 
lake and looking at the horizon while attempting to focus
long enough to read a book

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mystery girl in a yellow T-shirt.

We had taken a break from Steelhead fishing
and were enjoying the sun on the channel wall.
As I looked to my left, this girl appeared out
of no where.  She was too far away to really
see, but the image stuck in my mind.

Dredge it up!

We were duck hunting on Grand Island when I came across this piece 
of reference in 1969.  I photographed it for future use...2007, 
long time to wait.  Hope everyone likes this one.  
I've done other versions, but this is
my favorite.

Friday, May 2, 2008

IF: Going to Seed

Apples by the side of the road, fallen from
there tree, warmed by the late fall sun and
rotting quickly.  The birds, deer and many small
animals find them sweet and soothing.
The Honey Bee's get drunk on the nectar and zig zag
back to the hive.  Seeds from these apples will appear
as sprouts in the spring, miles from this road and
far from our memory.
Transparent Watercolor on Coldpress
illustration board.

IF: A Good Seed

A fine grandson, from a wonderful son.
Well fertilized Oats.  Transparent Watercolor
on Arches Hot Press 140#