Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Vertical check for composition.

I was going to write about the long conversation
this painting and I had along the way.  I may come
back to that at some point.  For now let me
know what you think about this painting.
I think this is the third version of this subject.

Friday, April 22, 2011


It's actually 10,000 ft. looking down on Boulder Mt.
In the distance is some of the Grand Staircase, Escalante.
I was really drawn to the pure white of the snow
contrasting with the dark pines and the distant
mountains and valley's.

Watercolor on 140lb arches.  @ 8 x 10

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miles and miles and not enough sleep!

Utah is a maze of national parks!
Here are a few pictures that we took over
the last 5 days.  Many long stories and 
100's of photo's for later.

Difficult to show but this is the top of the
Grand Staircase - Escalante.  It is impassable.
Settlers said the only way to cross this series of rock tops
and thousands of crevasses was an animal with wings.  
Many people have gone into this land and never returned.   
Most recently a young hiker, was not heard from after he entered
and was never found.  There really is no way to get in there
and search.  Strange and creepy place.

This is just a passing photo of Capital Reef, another
National Park.

This is a small example of Canyon Lands National Park.
There are 100's of these canyons created when the seas
withdrew and the remaining rivers started creating
these many canyons.  You really have to see it!

This is a small part of Arches National Park.
This is called double arch, probably the best example
in the park.  Pay no attention to the guy with
gray hair.  Just there for size relationship.

It's been quite a haul and we're currently in Lincoln
Nebraska.  We have one more night on the road and
then home on Friday.  Looking forward to 
seeing our family.

Friday, April 1, 2011

From the Navajo Bridge to Zion National Park

I could have posted 100's of pictures ... here are a few.

Entering Zion as the sun goes down.

Shear swirling rock in Zion.

Water wall on shear cliff in Zion

The Virgin River in Zion


The Navajo Bridge over the Colorado.

View from the bridge.