Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Flooding

Plein Air Watercolor...also after 40 years of painting, this is my first post.


Chrissie A said...

Good job!!

First post--and it's a lovely one to kick off the shiny new blog! :)

Looking forward to many more. Now that you've posted, I can add you to my blog subscriptions so I'll know when you've posted new stuff!

Keep 'em coming! :)

Double "D" said...

Thanks Chrissie for the
inspiration you provide with
your own beautiful blog.

Stacey said...


Double "D" said...

Thank You Stacey, you're very kind.

RoseAnn said...

Lovely loose style! Wish I could "plein air" like that!

RoseAnn from Daily Watercolors

Double "D" said...

RoseAnn, I find about 1 in 10 plein air
pieces actually make back to the studio
before I rip them up and use the back side
for color checks and blotting.
Everything has to be perfect for watercolor
to work outside. Compared to other
mediums it has a lot of elements going
against it. Paper dries to fast, paper dries to slow.
It's too cold to think, let alone paint. Bugs and
so on.