Monday, August 25, 2008

The Munising Clipper

With Grand Island in the distance an old
Great Lakes fishing boat sits waiting for another
trip.  These are the dangerous waters of Lake Superior.
We were on a goose hunting trip when I found this
scene.  I love the texture of the old boards
and the and the subdued color blending.


Laurie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. I have enjoyed exploring your art here. I love your choice of watercolor (gouache?) for these scenes. They are so vibrant and alive and each with such lovely composition. I'm looking forward to visiting often!

Double "D" said...

It's a pleasure to visit your blog. Your
writing is amazing. So smooth and meaningful.
Thanks for taking a look at my work.
All are transparent watercolor except for a couple
that are pastel or pastel and watercolor.
I've painted with watercolor since the 60's.
Your comments are thoughtful and meaningful.
Always appreciate new viewers. Look forward to
having you back.

Kelly said...

I like the boards too! You captured them beautifully! I also like the sort of lonely and forgotten look of the dock. Nice work!

I thought about your previous work when I was in Utah a couple of weeks ago. The colors were awesome!

Stacey said...

Hi Doug,
Wow the poet spinner loves this painting, when I look at it, it feels like I am looking through a lens of a camera you truly are an amazing talented artist. ;-)

Susanne49 said...

I love this picture too, very much. I always love boats and boats in paintings - or photographs. Your work is excellent and the pastel color makes it so peaceful looking.

Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog, thanks for visiting.

Carole said...

I have to say you have a great talent. your paintings are exceptional. I love this one especially. very pretty. I popped onto your blog from Sue's and i'm pleased I did. I will be coming back often and linked you on my site

Mineke Reinders said...

A wonderful composition! I love the limited palette you have used, it is very effective in conveying the light and atmosphere of the subject.

Double "D" said...

Kelly, Thanks so much for you
compliments. Utah is very close to
Sedona and some of the formations
are similar. When you were in Utah
did you go to the National Park
with the Whoo Doo's Can't remember
the Name of the Park.

Double "D" said...

Stacey thank you as always for
your lovely comments. Like I said
before, I'll have to start using a larger
brush so the paintings are a little
more impressionist looking.

Double "D" said...

Susanne, Always a pleasure to visit
your blog and view you wonderful view
of the southeast. Thank you for your
lovely comments as always.

Double "D" said...

Carole thanks for coming by and
leaving a comment. So glad you found
my blog from Sue's.

Again I will say that your photo's are
very special and I really like looking at
them. Your no beginner.

Double "D" said...

Thank yo for coming by my blog
and leaving you positive and complementary

altadenahiker said...

I like everything about this picture -- the brave boat, broken boards, the masculine beauty of the scene.

Double "D" said...


Thanks so much for visiting my blog
and your kind and thoughtful
comments. I'm headed over to
check out your blog.
Thank you again.