Friday, July 17, 2009

Wind from the West


Roger Dell Seddon said...

Hi Doug.I will enjoy following your Blog and hope mine continues to interest you. This painting is excellent. The cool greens of the trees and the intensity of the darks form a lovely background. The movement captured in your rendering of the gulls is also exciting.

Double "D" said...

Hello Roger,

Thanks for visiting and your nice comments.
I've just discovered your blog and am always
impressed by someone that handles pastels as
well as you. They are marvelous paintings and
I look forward to many more.

Thanks again Roger, nice to meet you.

RoseAnn Hayes said...

GORGEOUS WORK, Doug! You inspire me to paint more complex themes! Right now, I work full-time, so I only have time for smaller vignette-type pieces, but when I retire, I want to get back to the larger pieces, and yours will certainly inspire me!

Double "D" said...

Thanks so much, RoseAnn. I appreciate your comments. It's funny, you bring up complex paintings. This is what I'm trying to break away from.
After 40 years of design and illustrations, it's all to easy for me to get my nose to close to the paper and start working on details. Challenge for me is to let watercolor be watercolor. I love some of your new florals, you're doing a great job ... here's to retirement. Hang in there.

Jill Stefani Wagner said...

Gorgeous painting Doug. Draws you right into the scene and is full of interesting, rich texture.

Jill Stefani Wagner

Double "D" said...

Jill, thank you for your encouraging words.
I appreciate new comments by visitors to this
blog. I'm always amazed when people actually stop.
I look forward to following your paintings as well.
Thanks, Doug

rebecca said...


Every time I come here I am left in awe of your artwork. The rocks in this painting and the overcast of the day (that it is not sunny) is what stood out for me the most. I just find it amazing (since I can't paint a lick) that something like this, with so much depth, could be created.

Double "D" said...

You're very kind Rebecca and I appreciate
your words of inspiration, especially from someone
who is so talented with the written word. This turned out to be a different type of paper than what I was planning. In the end it allowed some totally different effects than I would be able to achieve with a regular cold press.

It's a pleasure to have someone like you visit my blog.
I'm thrilled with that. I wanted to say also how much I enjoy coming to your blog. Always something different and thought worthy. You're a great writer with a wonderful imagination.

Thanks again Rebecca.


Carole said...

Another stunning watercolour Doug. I wished I had your talent. I bet your home is fulll of beautiful paintings you have done yourself. I would be proud to have such painting hang on my walls.

Double "D" said...

Carole, I would love to send you one.
If you feel comfortable, you can email your
address and I'll send one for you.
What do you think of that.