Thursday, April 15, 2010

Riders of the Purple Sage

Going through the flat files
again and found this piece that
was done near Tucson AZ.
I always wish I could remember
how certain things happened.
My problem is not painting enough
and then each time I start is like going
back to the beginning each time.
I like this piece even though it's mostly
two values. Needed some connected
highlights and a dark to pull it together.
Anyway, what do you think.


Irina said...

I love the feeling of the sunlight all over this painting.

David Westerfield said...

I like it. Once again, watercolor as it should be, fresh, crisp, not overworked.
I have the same problem not painting enough. Sometimes even a week later it's like I forgot how to do it.

loriann said...

the orange/purple/green, triad of secondaries is always a winner. I like how you left portions of this one loose so that it suggests rather than commands. I wonder if that is the direction you have been craving????
good to have you back again!

SamArtDog said...

You may think this doesn't have enough value, but I appreciate your giving the desert its colorful due. Like purple sage, desert shadows are full of color. Interesting how enough value separation, even if in just one plant, makes it a hot day. A good example of less is more (than enough).

Felicity said...

Beautiful colours and a lovely sense of light and distance!

Melinda said...

This is simply stunning. I love the water marks like sunspots in the purple of the mid-ground hill and the strong and vibrant color in the foreground.

Being from Tucson, it looks like this is out west in the Tucson Mountains, maybe the Gates Pass area or on the way. Is that possible?

I know just what you mean about wanting to paint more. I'm not sure if we can ever truly feel as though we know thoroughly how to paint, but the adventure, the beginning again each day or week is wonderful, yes?

Best of luck for a speedy recovery. Been there, too. Yikes, that's painful stuff.

Double "D" said...

Thank you Irina!

David, thanks about the watercolor. I wish they could all be like this one.

Hi B, Thanks about the secondaries. Glad you noticed because I wasn't even thinking that when I painted it.
Maybe I should do more thinking? Or not.

Sam, thanks ... It definitely has that hot desert kind of feel. For me it was the first time painting outside
of the midwest. That southwest area gave me a whole different outlook on color. Your right about the values. If I'd tried to think about values I probably would have ruined it.

Thanks Felicity about the colors. They felt right.

Thanks Melinda. That's nice to hear from such an accomplished painter. The location was the Saguaro National Park in late afternoon. Looking west of course and it was early February.
Thanks for asking about my shoulder. It's coming along but still to stiff and painful when I try to paint. I'll just keep doing physical therapy.

Melinda said...

Ah, the other end of town (Saguaro East). Thank you. I couldn't quite place it, but if you ever get the chance to visit again, you'd like the west side too. Thanks for the kind comment as well. :)

I really do sympathize with you re the shoulder pain. I had a really good physical terrorist who one day told me that some of my shoulder pain was "ghost" pain, and that I could tell my brain to release it. It really helped. Of course, the whole process takes a lot more time than we want, but you're on your way.

And, you won't lose a bit of your fantastic talent when you get back to the studio. I'm sure of it!

Best wishes!

Silver said...

I think it's gorgeous, Double D! And it does give it a different or fresh twist to the idea of a place thriving with cactus. I would have pictured a scene with more browns, barren, dry and hard. But this, showed life. And it is exceedingly very alive too. ;)

I am so soory for visiting you so late.. ;P I need more hours in a day, Double D!!!

Many hugs,


Double "D" said...

Melinda, thanks for your support and lovely
comments about the painting. Ummm, ghosts
haunting my shoulder and creating pain. Well I'll try to let it go but in the mean time I can only get my right hand to my chin. Anyway, I'd try anything about now.
The physical therapy will last well into June and I know I don't have a choice. It's un-exceptable the way it is.

Hi Silver, it's just nice to hear from you! Never worry about responding to my posts, you've got plenty of other things to take up your time. Thanks for your kind words. I hope that things are coming together for you and your heart isn't as heavy as it was. Take care my friend.

Silver said...


Much love and warmest thoughts to you and and yours!

And remember to go easy on that arm!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I don't think it needs anything. I love it.
I know what you mean about starting over though. Painting isn't like riding a bicycle!! But you really paint well so you're ahead of the game.
About your shoulder....I have two creaky ones and I feel your pain. Take care.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Doug! So sorry to hear about your condition. Last time we were in contact, I remember you saying that you were having problems but I had no idea how bad it became. So sorry. I know how painful rotator cuff issues can be (fortunately, not from personal experience.). I love this purple sage - the composition and especially the greens. Well, hope to see you up and at em soon. Maybe the warm weather will help ease things along. It's been too long!

Double "D" said...

Hi Suzanne, great to hear from you. I'm heading towards normal ... if there is such a thing HA!
Warmer weather and sunshine always helps. Hope to be painting soon and doing a few other things as well.
I think you mentioned on your blog that you use a rotary push mower on your lawn ... ugh! No wonder you're gasping for air by the end. Last time I used one I was 12, mowing my grandmothers lawn in the previous century.
I'll be by and check out the happenings on your side.
Again, it was so nice to hear from you. Thanks.

SKIZO said...

In your honour and in honour of wall the Illustrators and Painters, I published
an illustration.

Karen Bruson said...

This is beautiful. Why aren't you painting?

Double "D" said...

Hi Karen, Glad you like the painting.

I had right shoulder surgery in February for a massive rotator cuff tear. Still working on physical therapy.
Having a hard time becoming passionate for painting again. In time I guess.