Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Process ... Evolution

This seems to be
evolving with some
direction coming
into view.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

This is really cool. keep evolving doug.
Weren't you headed in this direction before the surgery got in the way??

Double "D" said...

Thanks Deb,
Yeah it is as for the subject but this
really feels different. Not sure if it's close
to being done or a long way to ruination.
Time will tell. You doing OK?
Until later,

Deb Kirkeeide said...

yeah, now that I look back it is different. It's very soft looks almost like pastels.
I don't know what else you would do to it but I think it feels done. I love it as it is. maybe stop and go on to the next evolution.
I'm ok! Thanks!

Chrissie A said...

Nice! I'm really liking the new direction. This is lovely to look at.

loriann said...

Hi PB I am so happy to see you back working! A talented man like you needs to work. Seems like you are ready to explore some uncharted waters. You are ready and, if you give yourself permission to make messes you will rise like the phoenix. As you already know, your work prior to your explorations was gorgeous...but I think now you are on to something BIG! Stay well!
warmly, Your friend, b

Double "D" said...

Hi Chris,
thanks ... since it a new direction I have no idea where it's headed. Should be interesting I think. Good to see you yesterday. Take care.

Double "D" said...

Hey B,
Nice to hear from you with an actual blog post. How bout that huh? Right now I'm just painting and each one takes it's own course. Since I'm unsure of where to go and as you say ... give myself permission to make a mess, I'm torn and probably try to keep control rather than having a good time. Umm, control of what? I think I have to dump the colors on this palette and change it up with something new.
Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in Washington. What a great trip. I've got some questions for you at a later date about travel.

Your words are kind and make me feel good about myself. Thanks. What a great friend you are B!
Hang onto your key and stay clear of bears. Yikes!!!

Liz said...

Love this!

TheChieftess said...

LOVE THIS AS IS!!! Love the colors and the ethereal feel of it...almost Disney fairy-like, but not!!! I think it's very evolved!!!