Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miles and miles and not enough sleep!

Utah is a maze of national parks!
Here are a few pictures that we took over
the last 5 days.  Many long stories and 
100's of photo's for later.

Difficult to show but this is the top of the
Grand Staircase - Escalante.  It is impassable.
Settlers said the only way to cross this series of rock tops
and thousands of crevasses was an animal with wings.  
Many people have gone into this land and never returned.   
Most recently a young hiker, was not heard from after he entered
and was never found.  There really is no way to get in there
and search.  Strange and creepy place.

This is just a passing photo of Capital Reef, another
National Park.

This is a small example of Canyon Lands National Park.
There are 100's of these canyons created when the seas
withdrew and the remaining rivers started creating
these many canyons.  You really have to see it!

This is a small part of Arches National Park.
This is called double arch, probably the best example
in the park.  Pay no attention to the guy with
gray hair.  Just there for size relationship.

It's been quite a haul and we're currently in Lincoln
Nebraska.  We have one more night on the road and
then home on Friday.  Looking forward to 
seeing our family.


loriann said...

Great photos PB. Good to "see " you whilst on the road. One more day! Enjoy!

Liz said...

Again, thanks for sharing! I'm so looking forward to my own trip out there. Peggy and Bob will be here tonight for a couple of days before they head home to MI. It is that time of year and there is no place better than MI in the summer!

cohen labelle said...

This is fantastic material! Have you thought of using some of these shots as reference for painting?!!

Jala Pfaff said...

I love Arches N.P. I had a very magical weekend in that area once.

Jala Pfaff said...

P.S. The photo of the water on the rock wall is a really nice abstract.