Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clay Pots and Roses

This is the way I think watercolor is the most fun.
Fast, expressive brush strokes and colors mixing together
on the fly.  Has just enough expression of the subject
to make it recognizable but yet leave enough of the subject
understated so that the viewer can use there imagination
to fill in the blanks.


Stacey said...

The poem spinner doesn't need to use her imagination, I just use my eyes as the painting really speaks volumes, it's beautiful and the colours are delicate yet powerful...its wonderful :-D

Kelly said...

I have been looking over your previous posts, and I wish I could comment on each one! Your paintings are beautiful, and I really love to color!

Double "D" said...

Dear poet spinner, thank you for this wonderful comment, it's almost like one of your poems.
Again, thank you my friend.

Kelly thanks so much for visiting my blog, always nice to have someone new comment. Thank you as well for the lovely email message you left me regarding small towns and the future of everyone.
I know your busy, but I would love to have you comment on each one. Don't worry if you can't.

Anonymous said... much are the paintings going for?

K.C. said...

Another beautiful painting. Yeah, I love the strokes on this one.. the colors as well...Kayce

Double "D" said...

kin'shar thanks for your interest in my paintings
They sell depending on size from $50 to $600

Good to hear from you and thanks for your
lovely comments. I've got to get back over to
your blog and see whats going on with your

K.C. said...

I tell you, this big "one" with Drew threw us all for a loop. Can only imagine (and really I can't) what that kiddo is thinking...

Wanting to show him all these comments and encouragements, but knowing they he won't be able to comprehend them right now...

In time...

Thanks for checking in and sending yours this way...


K.C. said...

Saw you over at Stacy's. She did "give 'em some hell" didn't she.. Loved it!

Just wanted to check in and tell you hello! Have a good one! Kayce

Susanne49 said...

Hi doug-daniels,

I absolutely adore this one, it is so pretty, tender and soft in colors. I LOVE your work!!!

Thank you very much for your kind compliment in your comment on my photography blog, I very much appreciate your words! Come back often, I'm posting every day something new from the Lowcountry. :-)

Gary Myers said...


Nice, strong "California Roses". Great color! However, I like what you did with "Clay Pots and Roses"...fresh and spontaneous. I just refreshed my John Pike pallette and getting inspired by artists like you to get back TO IT! Thanks for the nudge. Gary

Double "D" said...

Hello Susanne,
I'm honored to have you visit my blog.
Your comments are very special and
mean a great deal to me. It helps with
future direction of my work, especially
with such meaningful comments.

I continue to look forward to your daily
posts and look for the secrets hidden in
your photos. Thanks again for visiting.

Double "D" said...

Gary, glad I could give you a nudge.
I just love to see other serious watercolorists
and the work they produce. They always
inspire me, just to see good work.
Keep those watercolors moist.

Mineke Reinders said...

This is lovely and fresh. Excellent watercolor!