Sunday, June 22, 2008

Impatients/Abstract Impressionism

For me this is the way watercolor should be.
Colors flowing into each other, compliments side by side
and loose quick brushstrokes.  I think the
vignette adds even more character to this style.
What do you think?
This was done on Arches 140# Cold Press
watercolor paper.


K.C. said...

Well, since I am not an expert at all in the art world, I cannot lend any advice as to pointers...

But, I can tell you that when I popped in, I honestly said aloud, "Wow".. and that is the truth... Kayce

Double "D" said...

K.C. just knowing that you said
WOW out loud when you first saw
it is all the pointers I need. I'm on
the right track.

Thanks again for visiting my blog
kc and I know your going to make
your million dollar mark.

Stacey said...

Oh Doug,
It's not fair,I have not been able to get on your blog,agghhhhh... I think Kayce fixed it just so she could beat me to the "WOW"..(LOL)..
Once again Doug, the poet spinner is so very impressed, I love the abstract effect, and the soft delicate tones...Well done Doug..... :-D

Double "D" said...

O Stacey, I knew you were busy and had your hands full. I think k.c. probably did plug up the blog so she could be first. I just love that I have comments from both of you, now no fighting. Any blog comment is first in my book. I'm still amazed that people actually comment.

Thanks for the lovely words stacey.

Preeti said...

WOW it definitely is..Really!

cyclopseven said...

Impressive buddy.

K.C. said...

Thank you so much for your honesty in my comments...

I really did not mean to go that far, and I wasn't sure that I was going to leave the post in.. I got to typing and just didn't stop. I think I may leave it in, though.. seemed to touch quite a few people.

Thank you so much again for your words.. Kayce

K.C. said...

Just to get to know you a bit more... How long have you been painting... What is it that inspires you?

I have no talent in the arts and I am always so amazed with those that do... Kayce

rebecca said...

been looking thru your are an amazing artist.