Sunday, January 24, 2010

Watercolor in Progress

This is slightly larger than the last post.
It's progressing with more thought but still
with left and right hands. My goal is to emphasize
watercolors effects along with techniques.

The finished piece will come along in a couple of days.


loriann said...

Hi PB.. how big is this one? Is it the same painting as your last post with alterations? You have some cool spatial stuff going on with the complementary colors. I'll just have to check back and watch this develop.

Double "D" said...

Hi b, it's about twice the size of the previous post so it's all new. right now i'm trying to avoid becoming to predictable. i think i should have finished it in one evening, now there is too much time for thought.
it's hard to play it safe when you know you should be wild. or maybe that's backwards. I am trying to use and combine the complementaries plus keep it fairly abstract. Ah there i going again,,, thinking.
How's Stripy?
Have a good evening.
Your painting buddy.