Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the gray thing on my shoulder is the webbing that
cold ice water is pumped through. no beer just a nice ice
chest. keeps the swelling down. the sling keeps my arm
very close to my side. if i don't then i,ll have to start over.

typing this is like sending a message in morris code. peck peck.



SamArtDog said...

I tried to think of something a little less profane than holy sh--, but I couldn't... so HOLY SH--!!!

That sling looks like something Mr. Spock would wear on a bad day, Doug. A fashion faux pas. An HVAC nightmare. A trip up on the down escalator. A big round ride in a blender. In short, your LazyBoy better have PowerGlide, dude!

Tell your wife that my husband sympathizes in a big way. So do I.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

wow! that's quite the contraption! Are you sure there's no mechanical paint brushes in that thing?
heal soon!

Chrissie A said...

OMG. That does not look like it's fun to wear. Do you at least get to take the thing off at night?

Hope the recovery weeks go by fast for you, Doug!

loriann said...

Hi Doug!
Welcome back! That ultrasling is something else. I am guessing that it is hard to lie down with it. Be gentle with yourself, you certainly don't want to start over.Take care friend! -b

Liz said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Dick can somewhat relate, he broke his collar bone about a year ago. Hope you feel better soon!

TheChieftess said...


Hang in there "they" say...this too shall pass!!!

(Not quite sure who the "they" are!)

Irina said...

Oh, Doug, I am so sorry. I wish you soonest recovery. Please be attentive to yourself.

David Westerfield said...

Really sorry Doug. But spring will be here soon and you'll be painting again.

Julie said...

Not fun at all. It's hard to paint when you're in pain and immobile. Good luck! Time to get all your ideas organized and then get to work when you can.

Double "D" said...

thanks everyone for your
well wishes and thoughts.

my favorite pool of friends

special award goes to samartdogs.
good choice and my wife says thanks
as she ran screaming from the room.

Anonymous said...

DD, I like the idea of beer better!!!! Hope you feel well again soon....

Carole said...

hope you get better soon my friend. that looks like onemassive sling you have, poor thing.