Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm sure you are as tired of looking at
the sling as I am wearing it. So for a change 0f
pace here is another old piece. Flowers in
a bucket at the end of a photo shoot.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

I have been thinking of you, wondering how the recovery is going.
Hope all is well and you'll soon be back into the paints!

Double "D" said...

hi deb,
i'm afraid the process is longer
than i thought. it'll be weeks before the sling comes off. thanks for checking in...ummm i like your new picture.

loriann said...

How exciting to see you post an image again PB! Great to see you back. Now go get some more rest.

Jala Pfaff said...

Lovely. Best wishes for the arm/shoulder situation.

Carole said...

Hope you are well my friend. This is a beautiful picture. I love sunflowers, they are one of my favourites

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Hello Doug. I do trust your recovery is progressing though obviously not as quickly as we all had hoped. It is tough on the body and the spirit when these unexpected accidents happen and it is a real leveller knowing how vulnerable we all are when the chips are down. Remain strong and positive and in time you will be as right as rain. You are missed. Best regards Roger

Double "D" said...

thanks so much roger!
you're certainly right about this
being a humbling experience.
you never know how lucky we are
until we lose it.
if i could just get the sling off it would help

thanks again for stopping by,
i do appreciate your kindness.

by the way, you're doing some beautiful
work. i don't comment much because it's
frustrating with the left hand hunt and peck.

i'm watching though.

Silver said...

Hey Double D! You're painting again? That's great ;)


Double "D" said...

hi silver,
great to hear from you, warms my heart.

i wish i was painting again, but alas, still stuck in this sinister black sling. the sunflower painting is from 1992. in a week it will be 2 months since the operation and almost 3 months since the infamous slip on the ice. therapy is a slow process. probably at least 2 more months. it's pushing the limits of my patients. well enough of my woes, i have many things to be thankful for. the snow is gone and the sun is shining.

sorry i haven't been around much. i'll be by to see what you're up to.

thanks for the hugs,

Julie said...

I truly do admire your art. Watercolor is not my specialty and you do it so well. This painting is so lovely. Come visit me at my blog-

loriann said...

Hi PB...still seriously missing your presence!!!!!!!-b

Double "D" said...

Hey B, hoooray, the sling came off today.
Believe me I've missed you too. Now able to type with both hands so I'll probably be a pest for a while.
Big Hugs,

ps, thanks for all your good thoughts and support, it means more than you know. Thanks.