Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grand Haven Light

Being surrounded by the Great Lakes
I'm always drawn to the shore for subject matter.
I've painted this light in storms, at sunsets and
in the sun like this.  
It's early spring and the fishermen trying
for lake trout are staying on the sunny
side for warmth.  It's one of the few
red lights on the Great Lakes, that is part of
why it's so appealing to me.  It's always 
peaceful at the shore and causes the mind to
leave everyday stresses behind.


Susanne49 said...

Hi Doug,

this is a pretty lighthouse and a wonderful painting!

I like the ambiance that I can feel of this pretty place, and the colors are beautiful! Very good painting job! I love lighthouses!

Double "D" said...

Hi Susanne,
Thanks for stopping by and
checking things out. Thanks for
the nice comments.

I wish I could paint as fast as you
photographers shoot.

Kelly said...

Beautiful! I recognized it right away!

Laurie said...

DD-- this is so wonderful. I love the perspective, the wild color, the lines and curves. It's so alive. This may be my new favorite. (I keep getting new favorites everytime you post!)

I've always had a thing about lighthouses. They're so iconic and hopeful -- and lonely, too.

sarah-jane said...

hi dd, i am a fellow artist, but here on blogger i post photo's and try my hand at a bit of writing. i love your paintings... the colours are beautiful! i am petrified of watercolours, so i am always in awe of artist that manage to do what you do with it (i mostly paint in oils)!

will link you to my profile so, ill be back to see what you do next! sj

have a peek at

Shannon said...

Great colors and also very nice detail on the catwalk. I love lighthouses. I have never been to that one yet, but I do have a goal of visiting all of the Michigan lighthouses someday.

Kelly said...

Hey! Just stopping by because I wondered how and where you've been. Missed your visits and your new work!

Alina Chau said...


Laurel Daniel said...

I am a Northerner from WI - the other side of Lake Michigan. Igrew up visiting cousins in MI and my sister lives there still - this is SO familiar to me. Just beautifully captured and painted. I want to go there!

Double "D" said...

Laurel, thanks for stopping by. I have a cousin that lives in Rib Lake Wisconsin. The northern parts of these states are similar indeed. I really love your blog.
You have a lot of fantastic paintings.