Friday, September 5, 2008

Gurgling through Red Rock Crossing

This is one of the most peaceful places near
Sedona, AZ.  This only shows a small portion
of Red Rock Crossing, but I was intrigued by the way
the water made it's way through the red rock.
Mesmerizing just to sit and look at.


Laurie said...

This reminds me of the creek that ran alongside my house when I was growing up in Austin, Texas. There was one part of it that had similar stones and I would sit and watch the water there.

This is a wonderful rendering of that experience. I'm curious -- what size work is it?

Double "D" said...


Thanks for your comments and I'm
glad it brought back some memories
for you.
The image size is about 10" x 15".
Thanks so much for visiting and by the
way, I really like your photo's of
South Pasadena. Always pleasant to look at.

Stacey said...

Hello Doug,
The refelection of the light on the water actually makes it look as though the stream is flowing. The poet spinner can see why you found it mesmerising, and the colours make it even more inviting. Beautifully painted. ;-D

Kelly said...

This reminds me of hiking the narrow in Zion National Park a few weeks ago...except I couldn't see the rocks under the water!

Such beautiful blues!

Double "D" said...

Stacey, this was a fun painting to
do. Catching the reflections on water
sometimes works and sometime not.
This time it did. I also like the two chutes
where the water is running through was
what drew me to the subject.
thanks for your wonderful comments.

Double "D" said...

Kelly thanks as always for coming by
and leaving such nice comments.
Nice to have you back. I always check
out your most recent photo.

Isadora said...

You are absolutely right, it is mesmerizing. I can almost hear the sounds of the water - such beautiful colors from this angle.

Sorry for my long absence - during the week there is much to do between city and country. Thank you for your visits! They are most appreciated.

Double "D" said...

Thanks for you wonderful comments
and it's good to hear from you.
Hope all is well with you and you try
not to stay too busy.

Take care,

Carole said...

you have captured it well Doug. very nice painting

Shannon said...

I love the blues, very refreshing...