Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Impression

The bouquet of flowers
in a glass vase.  I certainly didn't want
to spend a lot of time on details soooooo
I did a quick underpainting with lots of
water and colors melting together.
Then started to add a few details, only
enough to pull it together.  Not
my favorite but not the worst either. 


Laurie said...

I see this is a different approach from your other work. I like the quick impression. It's a nice treatment for something as short-lived as cut flowers. Now that I over-analyze, it seems more appropriate than something detailed and heavy in my opinion.

I like it!

Carol said...

The colors are very pleasing. My eye is drawn to that pretty daisy and then to the other parts of the painting. It's interesting how you've done this, it works for me, I like it too!

Carole said...

i love watercolour and I love this. not your favourite maybe but a fav of mine. i like it lots

Susanne49 said...

Your work is very nice and lovely, I like this flower bouquet special, the pastel colors!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, very much appreciated!

Stacey said...

Hi Doug,
The poet spinner thinks this is stunning, the tones are gorgeous and merge really well together, it is some what different from some of your other paintings, but still as eye catching and fetching as the others. :-D

Kelly said...

This is pretty! Thank you for explaining your process to create it. I don't paint, so it was nice to understand how you did it! The colors work really well together!