Friday, September 18, 2009

Acadia, 2nd try (Maine)

Still poor photo quality. This version is quicker and seems
to have more depth. To me it feels like a cartoon background.


loriann said...

Hi buddy!
Good..... Maine paintings! I too like the second one best. I think you handled the masses as masses, with less attention the detail. That in itself allows the viewer to travel back into the distance with ease. You are such a strong painter that you can describe anything with amazing accuracy. In the second one you began to describe/show mood. For what its worth:-) buddette

rebecca said...

I like the way you painted the trees in your previous one, yet the background on this one. To me, I don't see poor quality at all. The colors grab me and it gives the feeling of serenity. I like them. You have such a talent. You make this look so easy.

rebecca said...

P.S. - Wicked is on its way... :-) Thanks for asking. I'll get working on the rest of the story and see if I post it next time....Thanks for showing such an interest in my stories, Doug. It makes my heart smile.... ;-)

Carole said...

Hello my friend, back here for a catch up and what a treat Doug. As always I love your beautiful watercolours.

Double "D" said...

Hi everyone, I've been negligent in my maintenance of these comments. I beg your forgiveness.

Thanks all for coming by, I do appreciate each and everyone of you.