Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Truth!

Yes I'm in Maine. I had great expectations of painting
and drawing in plein air. So far that's been a bust. I want
to but I can't work up the energy to try. Can't explain it, but
it's happened before. We've done plenty of site seeing the last
two days and like all the impressive views. I tend to worry about
things I have no control over. This creates unfounded anxiety, my
worst enemy. I appreciate everyones support and kind comments.
Just wanted you to know what's happening.

Maybe tomorrow.


loriann said...

Doug, Don't worry about the outcome and simply enjoy the process. You don't have to post them...just have fun.
I remember this quote, you can't be afraid of stepping on toes if you want to go dancing." hmmmmmmm

Jill Stefani Wagner said...

Totally understand Doug. I have that happen often. Its almost like the "idea" of getting out there and painting overwhelms the actual "doing" of it. Especially when you are surrounded by new and awesome views. Sometimes I just force myself out and pretend that I have no expectations whatsoever that a great watercolor painting will be the outcome.

Hang in,
Jill Stefani Wagner

Double "D" said...

Loriann, ummmmm ... I get the point.
I'm sure glad I have such great friends like you to smack me around and give me a push in the right direction. Your my favorite Buddette.

Your painting Buddy

Jill, thanks for your support. One would think after all these years of painting and illustrating that these worries would be behind me. Always something new to challenge us.