Friday, September 25, 2009

On Watch

The beginning of paintings from Maine.

Morning came early and told me it was time to paint.
There are still some things I want to change, but generally
I like the direction of this painting. Any thoughts?

As always, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to
future visits.


Deb Kirkeeide said...

I like this. You captured that early morning sky and I can imagine being there, the sky's colors changing, waves on the shore, gulls flying and crying and me frantically trying to mix up the right colors for that sky!

Double "D" said...

Thanks Deb,

Actually this was done in the studio this morning from reference I had taken in Maine. I tried to paint it as if I were there ... Well, I was there last week. This was taken during a light house tour on a sight seeing boat. Would have been a tough plein air piece from a moving ship, that would leave about 5 seconds of painting time. Well maybe that would be a good challenge. Thanks again for coming by Deb, I always enjoy your visits and sense of humor. Uh, oops forgot, Your a damn fine painter as well.

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Hello Doug. I sense you are feeling a little low and amongst other things are experiencing all the frustrations of a plein air artist struggling in difficult conditions. Take comfort, your work is excellent and an inspiration to others including myself. Dee Kirkeeide has visited my blog and commented. I see she is one of your regular visitors which speaks volumes about how people respond to the beautiful images you create.
With my very best wishes from the other side of the pond, Roger

Double "D" said...

Hello Roger,

Your sense is correct. Not low so much as frustrated with myself. It's been quite a long time since I've painted because of many reasons. Now it's like relearning all that I have lost. I know it's not nearly that tragic and I will conquer my frustrations.
I did create this painting today and that felt good.
Now we'll see what tomorrow brings,

I appreciate all your kindness Roger, your comments are very thoughtful and gratifying.
I've met so many people on the blogs that are so very kind and supportive. I think it's great to have this source, especially with friends like you.

Best wishes to you my friend,

loriann said...

Hi Buddy!
Yay Maine! What a beautiful, quiet, warm color of the sky to the ground you created! It envelopes the whole. mmmmmmmmm. I wonder what it is you want to change. The only thing I might do is soften some edges. That light is so soft and cushy it craves a little bit of mystery..... but then again I struggle what do I know? I love the sky. I clicked on it to enlarge and it showed the wonderful transparent glow.

Double "D" said...

Hey Buddette,
Hope your trip was safe, 7 hours is a long drive.
I see what you're talking about and will add that advice to the changes I've made already. You know us artist's we sometimes can't see the forrest for the trees.
I hurry at times just to get to the end. I'm glad I have my Buddette to remind me of these things. I so appreciate your visits and believe me you know plenty.
Enjoy yourself at the opening, relax and observe, have some wine and cheese.
Hopefully I can slip in another post tomorrow and keep the flow going.
Be safe on your return trip,
Your Buddy.

Laurel Daniel said...

I think - "so great!" Keep 'em coming!

TheChieftess said...

Love the colors...especially the sky and buildings...makes me feel warm and cozy...kind of like I'm sitting in a coffee house looking out at this scene on a crisp fall morning...

Deb Kirkeeide said...

You are so kind Doug!
If it makes you feel any better - I painted for several hours yesterday - most of the day actually - and later wondered why heck I didn't have more to show for it - then I remembered the one, that after several attempts, I completely wiped it off the canvas. I love the inspirational sketch but it just ain't happenin' on the canvas! Bummer! Still enjoyed the process of painting though so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,

You always make me feel better, I couldn't ask for more. Right there with you as far as painting yesterday. I started out early in the morning and felt good about my plans. I knew when I started to pay too much attention to the reference that I was in trouble. I did something I don't like to do and that is use liquid frisket. It was down hill from there. Hell, even the sky was a piece of s------stuff. I let all this effect me way to much, boo hoo pity pity. Anyway, today it's going out side and the garden hose will do some jet stream on it's action.

Thanks for being a good friend Deb.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Along that same thought - I have an artist friend who ceremoniously burns the ones that don't work. I'm afraid mine might make one good bonfire!

As of this morning I have another one to send to the sacrificial fires!

Today is another day...
May the painting gods and goddesses smile up on us!

Suzanne McDermott said...

What I especially like is the slash down the center to the bottom left as if to say, ok, that's that! Next?

Double "D" said...

Thanks so much Suzanne, and slash happened before I thought. Oops, I guess it turned out alright. So glad you stopped by.