Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well at least hardly ever for those that have success with photo's
I'm posting a photograph to prove our best friend and marvelous
painter ... Loriann Signori how true her statement is, was, will always be.

This is from someone that should know better ... ME!!!!

It was OK as a commercial illustrator when reference and speed
were key.  Now 7 years since I've retired I still get sucked into my
old habit ... PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!!!!!!

TODAY you will see the photograph that has caused this uproar.
The goal when I arrived in Sedona was loosen up and stop creating
mud.  Later I will show the unfinished attempt just prior to it's

Learn from this stupidity!


loriann said...

Oh my..I must say I laughed when I saw the title of your post in enormous writing. You have me hanging onto your ever word! What will he say next? What is PB doing in Sedona? Do tell my friend.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

What is he doing in Sedona indeed.
Right now I don't know the answer to that
but I'm working on it. I felt blocked so I
brought out the posted photo and proceeded
to become a block head!

I will show the unfinished results later
Who knows what I'll say next? Not even

Take care B,

loriann said...

Trust your gifts and let them grow, -b

Double "D" said...

OK, I'll keep going and see what
happens. Trouble is, I need to find
the passion and creativity that seems
to be missing.