Friday, February 25, 2011

Part of the Process

Note the pile of abused paper.

An evening of just messing around.

Trying to get rid of Mr. Illustrator.

I don't remember taking this long before.
Maybe I'm aimed at the wrong groove.

Still have a month to find it.


SamArtDog said...

Well then, I sure don't know what you're aiming at either. If it isn't what you so clearly bulls-eyed with the thumbnails in the middle or the smokin' landscapes which follow, I think you better clean the site on yer gun, cowboy.

loriann said...

PB, I think you are aiming at the right groove...if those value thumbnails are any indication, don't stop now, get your motor on and keep working!

cohen labelle said...

You photographed the first studies on the slant so I had to twist my neck in order to look at them and I loved what I saw, your so called messing around process, as well as what follows, I approve - it's yielding wonderful work!!!

David Westerfield said...

I could do with more messing around. Sometimes I think we aim too much to create a saleable piece of finished art. Honing one's skills "messing around" is good.

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Stick with it Doug and keep piling the paper high. Then, turn the sheets over and mess around on the other side. If you then have time to spare go see the remake of True Grit at the cinema. We all know you have that quality so let's see the results. By the way, like others I think your thunmbnails are great.

Double "D" said...

Hi Sam, thanks. I just realized I forgot to load the dam thing. Bullets always help when your aiming at something.

Thanks B, I'm going for some more value studies today and see where that leads. Hopefully it will charge the battery and let the motor run.

The intention with the first photo was to show all of the paper that I've abused out here. I appreciate your inspiring comments and plan to mess around more today. Always glad to here from you, good friends are always a shot in the arm.

Hey David,
I definitely think I've been aiming too much. Today is all about messing around. I like the paintings you've been putting up lately, especially the ones from Hawaii.

Hi Roger,
Great to hear from you my friend. Glad to see you back on the blog. I was a little worried there for a while and thought you had left the planet.

I've seen both versions of True Grit and I love the line when he's about to face Ned Pepper across the meadow ... Fill your hand you Son of a B......!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm off to fill my hand with a brush and see what happens.