Friday, May 9, 2008

Mystery girl in a yellow T-shirt.

We had taken a break from Steelhead fishing
and were enjoying the sun on the channel wall.
As I looked to my left, this girl appeared out
of no where.  She was too far away to really
see, but the image stuck in my mind.


Stacey said...

Hi Doug the poet spinner is here again... ;-)

I love how natural it looks, the beauty in this picture is amazing.. I have said it once and will say it again, you have an incredible talent which you should be very proud of! :¬D

Double "D" said...

O Stacey, sweet words that give
me a rush. Thanks dear poet spinner.

Hanna Whiteman said...

Thanks for the encouragement Doug! You are a very talented water colour painter! Very inspiring indeed.

Double "D" said...

Hanna, I know how difficult watercolor can
be as well as how much joy can come from
one that really works. Just keep painting
and experimenting. If you ever have a question
don't be afraid to ask.