Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Island in the River

After painting the little broken dam, I merely turned
my easel and chair and this scene appeared.  Light was still
good and I was loosened up from the first painting so
away I went.  As I was painting I heard some shouting
in the direction of the old dam.  I took a quick look and
two folks in a canoe were attempting to go over the dam
while it was flooded and moving fast.  Needless to say
the paddles went one way, the canoe went the other and
they ended up going over the dam without the aid of
there canoe.  Fortunately they were wearing life jackets.
This  plein air painting took about 45 minutes and was done on 
Arches #140 Cold Press watercolor paper.  Size is about 10" x 15".


Gary Myers said...


Very nice work! You inspire me. I have not painted in a while...but think I might just get out the old Winsor and Newtons and a red sable after seeing your work.

my best. Gary

Vicki Smith said...

The painting has such a lovely fresh quality!

Stacey said...

I love the colours you have used
It looks so peaceful...And I bet when you where painting this picture it was very peaceful..until those folks decided to take a little canoe trip, that went...shall we say... a tad wrong, thank goodness for life jackets (LOL) ;¬D

Double "D" said...

Gary, thanks for your comments and glad I could inspire someone. Do get out those watercolors and brushes. Enjoy your self and I'll keep an eye on your blog for more beautiful work.

Vicki, Thanks for visiting. The fresh quality is what I shoot for with plein air. I move at a much faster pace and as I told you before, sometimes good and sometimes it's not. I appreciate your encouragement.

Stacey, thank you as always for your kind encouragement and yes it was very quiet at this spot except for the rude people trying to drown themselves LOL a lot. The river swept them a way quickly, so they weren't much of an interuption. HA.
Until later, Doug

Raffy Jay said...

Nice painting. true.

Double "D" said...

Thanks Raffy Jay
appreciate the comment.

cyclopseven said...

Too many things within a small area, yet the clarity of shadow and color tone split each apart giving a transparent scenery. I salute you buddy.