Saturday, May 24, 2008

After the Rain

The rain had passed but still visible on the horizon.
Along came a puff of wind and out came these two
sailboats.  I painted it without a lot of color and more
like it appeared in a mist.  It was a quick paint, and I 
think turned out OK.


Stacey said...

Doug, the fact that you have not used a lot of colours, but instead have used a lot of tone works beautifully, the colours are perfect, you have done brilliantly.. :¬D

cyclopseven said...

An art is forever an art. An artist is much more expensive than what a gold mine can offer. Wish the world know that. Great piece with gentle painting.

Double "D" said...

Thank you Stacey, as with most
watercolor, a certain amount of luck
and controlled accidents are what
make the painting. I appreciate
every word.

cyclopseven, thank you for your comments.
You have come to the correct conclusion,
it was a gental approach to this piece.

Aleta said...

I liked this painting, especially because it's done without many colors. You might think it odd, but I thought of a winter cool going across a lake, to capture the moment.