Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunny Backdoor

This is the view that greets us each August.
The backdoor of the cottage we rent, bathed in afternoon
sunlight.  I tried to capture that feel in this painting to keep
us warm in the winter time.  I love cottages, water and
vacations.  I could spend my entire vacation sitting by the 
lake and looking at the horizon while attempting to focus
long enough to read a book


Stacey said...

Good afternoon Dear Doug, I hope that you are well! ;-)

And you have captured the afternoon sunlight perfectly :-D

Double "D" said...

Stacey, thank you so much for
your kind words of encouragement
and friendship. What would I do
without Stacey visiting my blog?

RoseAnn Hayes said...

Doug, this is so lovely! It has the feel of an outdoor, plein air painting - so fresh and alive. Did you paint this outdoors, too? I have such admiration for plein air painters! I tried it once or twice, but the bugs got to me. The freshness of this painting makes me want to try plein air again. Would love to know what size it is.

Double "D" said...

RoseAnn, it was started in plein air
but the rains came along with the wind
so it was finished in the studio from
thumbnails and a photo for reference.
It's about 10" x 15". Talking about
plein air...when I do paint outside about
1 in 10 paintings make it back to the studio.
After talking with other watercolorists I think
this is about average. Needless to say...I spend
more time in the studio.
Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments.
I appreciate everything.