Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Wind

from the flat files

Found this one hiding deep in a flat file.
A plein air attempt from a couple of years ago.
Yup, that's right, it looks like a perfect clear
day. It was ... only the wind was howling straight
into my face at a steady 40 with gusts much higher.
I had enough tears in my eyes to keep my brushes
clean. I sat with my back against a large pine tree
and trying to hang onto my board, water, colors
and anything else that was loose. Maybe I'll
finish it someday. Just brought back a memory.


Suzanne McDermott said...

Isn't it amazing what we endure while we're engrossed in our work? Sometimes I've come to from outdoor sessions being unable to move from cold or plain stiffness. This has a real, particular sense of place - you may not have captured the wind but you captured that moment in time and space.

Also love the color and strokes in the San Francisco Peaks - especially how you captured the plane and light in the middle ground.

Double "D" said...

Your right, I didn't capture the wind. In retrospect, the painting should have looked like the out of focus appearance of rain on a windshield.

I'm going to try and paint plein air with watercolor during the winter this year or next. I think I'll put a little vodka in the water pots to keep us both from freezing. I'll let you know how that works out. Maybe I should have slurred that last remark.

Thanks Suzanne!

Roger Dell Seddon said...

It is said that JMW Turner had himself lashed to the mast of a boat to paint a storm at sea. Van Goch sat out at night with lit candles stuck to the brim of his hat whilst painting Starry Night. Perhaps we artists of today are not as tough as we should be but I do agree about the vodka. An excellent idea. I wonder if malt whisky works just as well? Let's compare notes later.

David Westerfield said...

Nice Doug. Somewhere in Michigan?

Double "D" said...

Good Lord Roger,

I would never waste malt whisky in water. Drinking it during a watercolor, now that's a different story. The vodka as antifreeze would be so cheap it would come in a plastic bottle.

I think lashing yourself to a mast during a storm sounds exciting, but you wouldn't catch me painting in that situation. Only drinking.

Double "D" said...

David, thanks.

Yup, Michigan. Mission Point Peninsula up by T.C.
Don't know how well you know the area, this was on the front lawn of Bowers Harbor restaurant, great place to eat.

loriann said...

Doug, I have never tried vodka in freezing watercolor water.... I actually enjoy the effects of the crystals being added to the about chunky and unpredictable fun!
You are right this painting appears tranquil. I look forward to seeing the redo.
I do like the variety of greens and transparencies.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Okay, NOW this plein air painting is getting interesting!
I wonder how one can get a decent painting if one has to be lashed to a mast but I have painted in the dark with a reading light strapped to my head - of course there was wine involved....

Doug, this painting makes me want to be sitting by the lake under the pines...with a glass of wine. (Time for a vacation)

Double "D" said...

Hi Loriann,

I don't know how Vodka will work either. Maybe I'll try straight Vodka for mixing and water for cleaning.
Your underpainting you did in the rain was great.
I hope I can be so lucky. Yes a redo is in the future for this painting. We'll see what happens.
I tried a limited palette today. 5 colors was too many and turned to mud. Maybe the reason is it's been raining for 3 days and gray is the predominate color.
Your painting Buddy

Double "D" said...

Hi Deb,

If there was wine involved why did you need the light?
To find the bottle?

As for lashing ones self to a mast or tree or another person. I think JMW Turner may have been lashed to the mast, but not for painting. He'd probably had too much wine.

I think you need to take that vacation. Go some place warm and find that body of water. How about Maui?

Take care Deb

Laurie said...

Gosh, I've missed some beautiful work of yours lately DD. I love this piece.

Double "D" said...

Thanks Laurie, Always like your visits and your kind words.