Saturday, October 24, 2009

San Francisco Peaks

from the flat files

Just outside of Flagstaff Arizona.
7 x 12 plein air on Arches cold press,
140 # watercolor paper.


Irina said...

I like it very much. Watercolor in full glory.

Double "D" said...

Thank you Irina!
I appreciate your visits.

loriann said...

Hi bud! Plein air brings are certain kind of freshness not available to us in the studio. In this one your use of mark and wash works well: the contrast is exciting. A whole different feel than the roses.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

This one has a great sense of distance Doug.
Great job!
I'm thinking I may have to dig through my flat files soon - I'm feeling a little "flat" in the painting department lately...
Hate when that happens!

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Nicely done Doug. I can relate to this painting having seen the same, or a very similar view whilst travelling in Arizona a few years ago. I would very much like to see any of your work which features the Grand Canyon as a subject.