Monday, December 21, 2009

The Huron Side

I'm following the example set by my good friend B.
She has been practicing these value studies and sharing
with everyone at her blog
Take a look at her wonderful work.

I'm taking this to heart. I will faithfully ??? pursue
one each for every painting I attempt. I've been struggling of
late with colors, mud and lack of punch. Seems like doing
a value study will be a good exercise for me. I've done others
but I feel good about this one. Charcoal pencil on good
quality news print. Feel free to share what your process is,
rather value studies are important to painting or you follow
another process.

Remember this is a watercolor blog so we'll see how this drawing
interprets with watercolor. Thanks everyone, have
a great Christmas!


loriann said...

Beautiful feel and mood to this work PB.Value work will set you free...I already see the start of it. Your marks in this one are dynamic while still being moody and being soft. I guess that would make them complex. The 3 shapes are exciting too.
can't wait to see more!

Double "D" said...

Thanks B,
I did a couple today and they are freeing and thought provoking. I see some things now that I will go back and change before the actual painting. Like I said it will be interesting to see how this translates to watercolor. I can't thank you enough for all the tips and ideas you share on your blog. You have such great knowledge of the process and the ability to transfer it to your beautiful paintings.

Thanks again B, hope you're having a good time.
Your painting buddy

loriann said...

I am happy to see you are having fun with the value paintings. Sometimes it's good to walk out a different door:-) b

Double "D" said...

Without you I would have never done value paintings.
I would have never thought of it. Sure small little thumbnails to pretend like I looked at value and composition.

I'm sure that twilight is peaceful in CA.
Um, walk out a different door ... great idea.
Sorry for the small type size, it'll take me a couple of days to figure out why that is. [:0>

Suzanne McDermott said...

This is lovely! Here's a suggestion, or probably a reminder. Choose three or four colors - or try out combos of 3 or 4 till you find a set that strikes you - and limit yourself to those for your painting of this study. Merry Christmas!

Double "D" said...

Thanks Suzanne, a great reminder and a good suggestion. I need to learn to slow down, that I no longer have deadlines. I really do appreciate your suggestion and thanks for looking out for me.

Have a great Christmas!

p.s. I haven't commented yet on your recent post. Just to say that I think it's great, and large! I like the white area and not sure what I would do at this point.
I'm sure you'll do the right thing. You seem to be more in tune with your colors and compositions.
Take care.

Felicity said...

A very Merry Christmas to you! I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful art you will make in 2010!

Double "D" said...

Merry Christmas to you as well Felicity!
Thanks for your nice comments.

TheChieftess said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family DD...thank you so much for being such a dear friend and for following my attempts at are a very dear person!!!

SamArtDog said...

wow, DD! hope you get the same feeling of freedom and excitement from this value piece that i do. jeez, the AIR is even moving in this one! my process these days is more lurking than doing, but now i have your stuff to learn from as well as Loriann's. you guys make great tag team!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wonderful value sketch. I like your work very much.

Double "D" said...

Thank you Mary, appreciate it.