Sunday, December 6, 2009

Post Something! OK.

Little doodles lead to something.


loriann said...

I love these PB. Fresh, loose, exciting. They have an energy and movement that's new! cool.

Susanne49 said...

That's the way how's always is starting out - and a great art work is the result in the end :)


Double "D" said...

Thanks B, I'll talk with you later.
Your painting Buddy.

Thanks Susanne, lets hope that great art work appears somewhere along the way.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Doodles are good! We like doodles. I sometimes like my original sketches and ideas better than my finished piece. somehow more of the moment.
Good to see something new posted.
I like them, the energy and freshness.

Roger Dell Seddon said...

The boy's back. Hooray. I was starting to feel lonely. I also love doodles and sketches. They are the foundation for every successful work and sometimes it is a shame to destroy or work over them when they translate into under-paintings. They have a spontaneous energy which is difficult to replicate when the eyes and hands work more cautiously and deliberately. These postings are great and I would like to see more.

David Westerfield said...

Nice. I need to doodle more. And also post some from the "flat files" like you.

Irina said...

I like this piece very much, the easyness and color. Well, i do not want to look impotrunate to comment every your post, but I watch and enjoy completely. And study.
Thank you for your advice today, I appreciate so much. Blogging is great!

Double "D" said...

Roger, thanks for the comments. Did you miss me?
Actually, I never left just working on posting something new. Blasting a way on a sketch pad is sometimes more fun than painting.

Thanks David, I find the flat files very useful when production is slow.

Irina, you're more than welcome. As for commenting, the point is really to enjoy what you see. Commenting is secondary.
Blogging is great, isn't it.

Double "D" said...

Good Lord, sorry Deb, I buzzed right by your comment and should be reprimanded for the mistake. Go easy now. Really, I look forward to your visits. I love your creative spirit and unabashed commentary.

Is it cold in Minnesota?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen architect Frank Gehry's drawings? The top one is crisp and i like the framing devise. Works