Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just filling in.

And what you say is this? Little scrap of blotter
paper I use for testing colors while painting. The
reason it's here is because it's a stand in for the piece
I'm working on.

I guess you could call it meaningless blog fodder.
Hey, maybe I'll change the name of my blog to
Blog Fodder Supreme with onion rings.


Irina said...

I would call it "The Wind changes", make nice frame and put price tag of about 1500dollars. And just sit and wait how it will turn out :-)...

Double "D" said...

Great idea Irina,

I think I know how it will turn out so I might as well say $1,000,000 dollars. Who knows, stranger things have happened. I think there is a dog that paints and then the so called paintings are sold for some ridiculous amount. Unfortunately, I'm not a dog.
Thanks for coming by, have a good day.

TheChieftess said...

Irina might have something there!!! After all...if Jackson Pollack made it big....

I think I like the newly proposed blog title!!! You have a great sense of humor DD!!!

Double "D" said...

Thanks Kathryn, some days things pop into my head for no apparent reason. Blog Fodder? I'm not sure I've ever use the word fodder.

It does have a certain comic quality doesn't it?