Saturday, August 1, 2009

Up-bound Ogle Bay

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Another ship passes through the locks at Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.
Every time I'm there I love to stand on the viewing stand as ships
pass through from all over the world. They all have there own
individual character, some well kept, some not so good.
The inspiration comes from all the ships that have passed through
before, such as the Edmund Fitzgerald and the crew that went missing
off White Fish Point many years ago on Lake Superior. It's sort
of a chilling thought to wonder if this ship passes without incident
or finds itself in a terrible storm or worse, never makes it's
destination. Think positive Doug, with todays technology
and modern ship design, 99.9% make there journey's without
a problem.


Susanne49 said...

I had similar thoughts when I was living in Charleston SC and was watching all the big container ships gliding by. They also have all those modern infrastructures - so we don't have to worry about missing ships anymore.

I like your picture Doug!

Sue's Daily Photography

Double "D" said...

Thank you Sue,
nice to hear from you.
How's the trip going?

TheChieftess said...

I really like this one DD!!! Love the colors...

Carole said...

I wished I were more articulate. Your watercolours are so beautiful.

Double "D" said...

Thanks all for your kind articulate words.