Friday, August 7, 2009

The Walk

More from the flat-files.

In the distance a man and dog walk the beach in and
out of the fresh water waves.

This painting is @ 10" x 18" done on 140# Arches
cold press watercolor paper. This was done during a
gallery walk and several artists demonstrating. It was
interesting but tedious. People being people, want to talk
and ask questions. Difficult to concentrate on a moving wash,
wrong brush, wrong color, wrong time, and so on. Well that's
part of the game isn't it.

Maybe I'll try it again in the peace of the studio, course then there
is the risk of lost intensity, urgency and spending too much time
messing around for no reason. We'll see what happens.
Hope you enjoy this one.


TheChieftess said...

Actually DD...this is one of my favorites! Love the intensity of the color...there's a fluidity about it as well...

Carole said...

love this one Doug you have captured this well.

Double "D" said...

Chieftess, you've seen through the mystery. It is more fluid and colorful. I guess I should paint with a crowd all the time. the result is exactly what I fight to capture but forget how I achieved it. Thanks so much for reminding me. Doug

I can always depend on your kind words and smiling face on my blog. I look forward to it each day.
Thanks friend. Doug

Trish said...

I feel like I've been here....a kind familiarity it is. I feel the sand in my toes. The tug between land and I always feel. I want to be of the sea/ocean...but the leaning of the trees shows the pull of the land...back back into the forested edges....I don't want to retreat but there is more land than water in this painting....the balance is in favor of the known...the solid land. Sigh....