Wednesday, August 5, 2009

House in Muir

From the flat files.

This is from a small dwindling little town where
my dad lived as a teenager. (long ago that is)

I spotted this old house on the corner of a very quiet
street, it was bathed in sunlight. Lots of bright whites
and very deep shadows. I decided to try it on hot press
paper and throw in some black india ink as an accent and
help create some contrast. Lets just say I'm putting this out
there because I feel I didn't accomplish what I was looking for.
I want you to see that everything doesn't turn out the way it was
intended, it's also a reminder to me to think more before I try this
again. I'm an impatient type looking for immediate gratification.
Sometimes, gratification takes a lot longer.


Liz said...

Love this one!

Double "D" said...

Thanks Liz,

How was your trip to Michigan?
Hope all is well, best to Dick.