Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traverse in the mist.

From the flat files.

This little 7" x 10" plein air piece was done during a weekend
paint out in the Traverse City area. Unfortunately the first day
was wind and rain and impossible to paint outside with watercolor.
I was determined to paint something. The front seat of the car
seemed to be the only choice. I really dislike painting in the car
but had no choice on this day.

This is a view from the middle of Mission Point Peninsula over
looking one of the vineyards and Traverse Bay. Colors were muted
from the wind and the rain. The car was rolling back and forth from
the force of the gusts coming with the rolling clouds. In the end I was
pleased with the results. Let me know what those of you that view it


Deb Kirkeeide said...

I really like your work Doug. There's a lot of confidence in your paint strokes. Especially like the plien air pieces.

Double "D" said...

Thanks for visiting and adding to the list
of followers. I'm honored. Glad you like
the plein air pieces.

Anonymous said...

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